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What is Pipe Bursting: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to infrastructure, there are seldom easy solutions. Roads, water mains, and other crucial components of a city’s foundation often present unique challenges, especially when repairs or expansions must be completed quickly or with limited resources.

When a structure cannot be repaired, replaced, or demolished and rebuilt in an effective way, engineers must find alternate solutions that are both cost-effective and timely.

In these situations, trenchless technology becomes an indispensable asset. Pipe bursting is a means of resolving buried infrastructure issues. Pipe bursting is an innovative technique that not only repairs buried pipes but also makes them stronger than ever before while reducing their surface footprint.

Read on to explore the nuances of pipe bursting from inset to final product so you can understand this complex process like never before.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a type of sewage repair that is a trenchless technique and entails puncturing and extending an existing subterranean sewer line while substituting it with fresh HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene pipes.

Pipe bursting doesn't necessitate the use of any additional chemicals or impurities. Pipe bursting is a particularly sustainable sewage replacement procedure when combined with the lengthy lifespan of the ecologically friendly HDPE pipe.

How Does it Work?

Pipe bursting is done by inserting an expander head (sometimes referred to as a "bullet" or "bursting head") into the old pipe. The head is tiny enough to pass through the current pipe, and it cracks the old pipe while being pulled through.

The end of the head is attached to the fresh pipe, which it pulls and installs right behind it.

In order to impart force, a pulling machine is employed. A hydraulic system is used to supply power. It connects to rods, which pull the hydraulic system that is attached to the expander head. The pulling machine is slowly dropped into the pit, and the head is launched or inserted into the pit.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

  • No digging required - The first and most obvious benefit of pipe bursting is that it does not require digging. This means that nearby landscapes and properties are free from damage and disruption caused by excavation.
  • Less disruptive than other methods - Pipe bursting is quieter and less jarring than other methods of replacing a pipeline. This makes it ideal for suburban and residential areas where lower noise levels are preferred.
  • More cost-effective than traditional methods - Another major benefit of pipe bursting is that it is less expensive than traditional methods of replacing a pipeline. This is primarily due to the fact that less equipment and labor are needed to complete the job.
  • Faster completion - Last but not least, pipe bursting is completed much faster than other methods of replacing a pipeline. This means that the project can be completed more quickly, which is especially helpful when there is a tight timeline.

Limitations of Pipe Bursting

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  • No good for locations without soil - One of the most significant limitations of pipe bursting is that it is largely ineffective when the soil is hard or has insufficient soil pressure.
  • Limited access - Another major limitation of pipe bursting is that it is not suitable for locations with limited access or areas with dense populations.
  • Only works with certain kinds of pipelines - Another limitation of pipe bursting is that it can only be used on specific kinds of pipelines.

Final Words

Pipe bursting is a complex process that requires a highly skilled team of operators and excavators. However, it’s worth it because it’s a highly efficient and effective way to replace or repair a buried pipe without disrupting the surrounding environment or nearby landscapes.

Pro Sewer Repair can help if you have a project that needs a rusty buried pipe replaced or repaired. Pipe bursting may well be the best solution for your needs. Contact a professional today!

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