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Providing Professional Sewer Repair Services in Seattle, WA, and Nearby Locations

Pro Sewer Repair is the leader in sewer repair services in Seattle, WA. After all, “sewer repair” is in our name! We specialize in tackling the toughest sewer and drain issues, but we also provide personalized service for everyday sewer and drain concerns. We’re here to serve local homeowners and business owners 24/7 with expert service from sewer technicians who care.

Our service areas include:

Featured Services in the Local Community

Here are some of the ways we provide relief from sewer and drain issues in Emerald City and beyond:

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Our sewer and drain cleaning services ensure you won’t have to deal with nasty surprises. We can get rid of stubborn clogs and intrusions quickly using advanced sewer and drain cleaning tools and equipment.

Sewer Repair

If your sewer system has seen better days, Pro Sewer Repair has solutions. Our team provides comprehensive sewer repair on your schedule.

Pipe Bursting

When a pipe needs to be replaced underground, the traditional approach has been to excavate. We don’t want you to deal with messes, which is why we use trenchless pipe bursting technology to remove old lines and replace them without digging.

Sewer Inspections

Having your sewer system inspected can give you peace of mind, and many Realtors rely on our team for sewer inspections. Whether you think you have a problem or you just want to rest easy at night, our sewer technicians can provide advanced sewer inspection services.

Sewer Scope

When it comes to precise sewer repairs, it pays to get a detailed look at the problem. Using advanced sewer scopes, our team can see deep inside your sewer and drain lines to pinpoint problem areas and develop targeted solutions.

Sewer Lining

A damaged sewer pipe can lead to leaks, flooding, and even further damage to your plumbing. At Pro Sewer Repair, we use trenchless sewer lining to repair damaged pipes, and most services can be completed without ever breaking out a shovel.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is a way of fixing sewer and drain issues from inside your pipes. Our sewer scope technology guides the process as we can correct damage and even replace sewer pipes as needed. There’s no digging or mess when you rely on our team for trenchless sewer repair.

Water Line Repair

Water line problems often lead to flooding, and they can also cause pressure issues inside your home or business. At Pro Sewer Repair, we can quickly address water line repair issues on your schedule.

Why Choose Our Sewer Service Experts?

Locals trust us because:

  • We are a family-owned and -operated sewer company
  • We provide trenchless services for less mess
  • Emergency sewer service is available
  • We have been assisting Seattle-area homeowners and business owners since 2017

Should I Try DIY Sewer Repair?

The Internet is full of all kinds of useful information when it comes to sewer and drain issues. It can be tempting to try to DIY when it comes to fixing sewer issues, but watch out – you may be in danger! The truth is that DIY sewer and drain repair can lead to accidents, injuries, and property damage.

While DIY videos make things look easy, trying to take care of these things on your own is very risky. Instead of taking chances, let the experienced, trained technicians at Pro Sewer Repair handle your concerns. We use the latest tools and equipment, and our professionals bring over 22 years of experience to every service call.

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