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Trenchless Sewer Repair
in Seattle

Repair of sewer lines has traditionally consisted of the replacement of the damaged pipeline or the installation of another, adjacent to the sewer line. Our expert technicians are able to repair piping without major digging. The result is a lasting, cost-effective, and reliable fix to the integrity of your piping.

Replace Your Sewer Lines Without Trench Digging

When it comes to sewer replacement without all the trenching, you can save your garden and driveway with our state-of-the-art technology. A broken or compromised sewer line or other issue means that you have to replace your sewer line. 

Where most companies would dig a trench through your yard or driveway – and demolish any building, walls, or trees in the way, our system works by pulling a ‘bursting’ head through your existing pipe and pulling a brand new sewer pipe behind it. The result is a brand new sewer solution that will last you year after year.

Trenchless sewer repair vs traditional methods

When a sewer line is damaged or breaks, the area may start to smell and may also be susceptible to leaks. Whenever possible, it’s best to use trenchless repair methods as opposed to traditional ones, which can be very invasive and leave a significant mess.

Traditional sewer repair often involves digging up the ground, which can cause significant damage to landscaping and make it difficult to repurpose the area later. Additionally, traditional methods can be very disruptive to homeowners and result in a lot of noise and dust, as well as potential damage to property.

Benefits of trenchless sewer repair

In addition to being less invasive, trenchless repair methods have several benefits over traditional methods. 

Trenchless sewer repair methods won’t cause damage to your landscaping, which can make it much easier to repurpose the area once the project is finished. Trenchless repair also has a shorter timeframe than traditional methods, making the process less disruptive overall.

And finally, trenchless repair methods are less expensive than traditional methods and don’t require a permit, making them particularly beneficial to homeowners.


What is trenchless sewer repair and how does it benefit me?

When a sewer line is damaged or broken but isn’t completely severed, a repair method called trenchless repair may be used to fix the problem. This is a less invasive method than traditional methods, which involve digging up the ground and removing the damaged section of the pipe. 

Trenchless repair methods typically involve sending a repair device through the pipe and then back out to the other side.

Is trenchless sewer line replacement the right solution for my home?

Trenchless sewer line replacement is the ideal solution for large-diameter pipes that are difficult to repair, particularly pipes that are less than three inches in diameter. It’s also the best option when the damage was caused by construction, such as during an excavation project.

How long does trenchless pipe repair take?

The duration of a trenchless repair project will vary depending on the specific situation and method used. Trenchless repair methods are often completed more quickly than traditional methods. This is because trenchless methods involve less digging and less movement of equipment, which can reduce the project's overall time.

It’s also important to note that, in some cases, there may be certain restrictions on when soil can be worked on or the hours of operation. This is to protect the health of the crew, homeowners, and the environment.

Can trenchless pipe repair save me money?

In addition to being less invasive and quicker than traditional methods, trenchless repair methods are also often less expensive. This is due to the fact that trenchless methods typically require less digging and don’t require a permit, which can reduce overall costs and insurance premiums.

Because trenchless methods are less disruptive and take less time, they also result in fewer lost productivity and fewer expenses, making them ideal for homeowners on a budget.

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I hired Pro Sewer Repair to replace my sewer line. Their estimate was much more reasonable then Pro Sewer fixed a large break in our sewer line where it joined the city mainline. They handled this large job effectively, cost-efficiently, and were great to work with. Jamie and Rob were awesome to work with on scheduling and responsive to questions, and the team (Jason and James) did a great job with the work. Would use them again and will recommend to friends.

Sam R. | Seattle, WA

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