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Expert Sewer Repair in Everett


Sewer Inspections

A sewer inspection can determine the extent of damage. Once the cause of the issue has been determined, sewer repair services can be utilized to repair the problem. Before work begins, an inspection should be conducted to determine the damage and the best course of action.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

If you have a damaged sewer pipe, you may be able to have it repaired with trenchless technology. This repair method does not require your entire sewer line to be dug up. It remains in the ground, which is both shorter and less disruptive than a full excavation.

This type of sewer repair is done by going into the sewer line with a machine and installing a liner. This liner then seals off whatever damage there was in the pipe.

Water Line Repair

Water lines are critical sewage systems for homes (especially those with gardens) and in businesses that require large amounts of water. These systems may sometimes leak or break, which can cause many problems. If you notice a water line leak or break, it’s important to get it fixed immediately.

Not only is it incredibly inconvenient to have a water line break, but it can also be very dangerous.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is the process of clearing a clogged drain. There are a number of reasons why drains may become clogged: grease, hair, and food particles can build up over time, causing the drain to become blocked or suction anything that goes down it.

It is important to note that many experts recommend that homeowners call in a professional drain cleaner if the drain is severely clogged or if there is a risk of sewage backing up into the home.

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Signs You Need Repair Services

  • Water Stains in the Basement: If you see water stains in your basement, there is probably a leak in your water lines. It’s important to note that a few water stains are not a sign of an issue. You will need more than that to indicate a problem is occurring. The stains will gradually get worse, which will indicate the leak is growing over time.

  • Sinkholes: If you notice sinkholes in your yard, this can indicate an underground pipe break. This is because water and sewage can erode the dirt around the pipe and cause it to collapse.

  • Increase in Water Bills: If you have noticed an increase in your water bill, it could be due to a few different factors. The first thing you should do is check all of your water lines for leaks. If there are no leaks, then you may want to get a water test done. You can usually get one done for a few dollars at your local hardware store or through your water utility.

  • Infestation Issues: If you have an infestation problem in your home but don’t know where it’s coming from, it could be in the sewage system. Sewage systems are very commonly used by pests, like termites and rodents. If you notice an infestation in your home, it’s important to get a professional to check your sewer system. If there is an issue, they can determine what needs to be done to repair it.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the action of making sure that your sewer system is functioning properly. This includes regular checks for leaks and any other issues that could impact the system’s performance. The most common cause of sewer backups is a clogged or broken pipe.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to check for signs of blockages regularly, and have sewer experts check your systems annually.


How long does it take to repair a sewer line?

The length of time it takes to fix a sewer line depends on the extent of damage and other factors, such as property location. In general, it is best to consult with a sewer expert sooner rather than later if you suspect a problem with your sewer line.

What is a sewer backup

A sewer backup occurs when sewage or wastewater spills into the open space of a building, usually in a basement or on the surface of a parking lot. The spill can be due to mechanical failure, human error, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Occasionally, an underground structure such as a sewer pipe may collapse, causing the sewage to flow into nearby buildings. Sewer backups are often very unpleasant and can cause damage to property and health problems for people who live nearby.
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