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What Is a Sewer Scope?

A sewer scope is a type of camera inspection of a city’s sewer system. They are used to check for problems in the city’s sewer lines, such as clogs and leaks. A sewer scope is usually done by connecting a camera to the end of a sewer line.

The camera sends images back to the inspectors, who look for signs of damage, such as cracks or other problems. The inspectors will also look for signs of tree roots growing into the sewer lines.

These can cause blockages and damage to the pipes. A sewer scope inspection takes around four to six hours. It is typically done during the night so that there is minimal disruption to city life.

Why Are Sewer Scopes Important?

Sewer scopes are important because they allow maintenance workers to find and fix problems in the sewer line. Broken pipes or blockages can lead to sewage overflowing into the streets, causing damage for people in the area.

Sewer scopes are essential for public health as well. They can detect signs of disease in the city’s sewer system, such as E. coli or parasites. They can also look for signs of rodent or insect infestation in the pipes, leading to water contamination and spreading disease.

How Long Does a Sewer Scope Take?

A sewer scope takes around four to six hours. This is the time it takes to complete the inspection and send the results back to the team. These results will include pictures and videos of the damage and problems found in the pipes.

Some scopes take longer. Some include a hydrostatic test as well. This test fills the pipe with water to check for leaks. This can add an extra hour or two to the scope.

Should I Get A Sewer Scope Inspection?

You should get a sewer scope inspection if you live in a city with a sewer system and think there is a problem. This can signify tree roots growing into the pipes or leaks into the ground. You should also get a sewer scope inspection if you notice sewage or contaminated water in the streets.

This may be an indication that there is a blockage in the system that needs to be fixed. 

What To Look For:

  • Serious clogs or blockages in the sewer line
  • Cracks, damage, or imperfections in the line
  • The type of material used for the line (clay, concrete, plastic, metal, etc.)
  • Roots growing through the line
  • Separation or failure of the line
  • Potential damage or issues with the septic tank (if present)

Why Should I Use Pro Sewer?

Pro Sewer is a leader in sewer scope services in Seattle. They have more experience than most other companies in the field, and they will be able to identify problems in your sewer system with ease. They are also familiar with the city’s sewer system and will be able to get to the location of the problem as quickly as possible.

They have the right equipment, cameras, and tools to complete the job safely and efficiently. Pro Sewer also has a team of highly trained employees who are familiar with local regulations and know how to follow proper procedures when conducting an inspection. This ensures the process is done quickly and efficiently.


What can I expect from a sewer camera inspection?

You can expect to see a video feed from inside the sewer. You can see any damage or blockages in the pipe, including signs of tree roots.

What is scoping a drain?

Scoping a drain is like an in-depth version of a sewer scope. It is an inspection of a home’s drain system, including the pipes that carry water out of the building. This is often done during the plumbing installation process to ensure there are no problems with the system. 

Is a sewer scope worth it?

A sewer scope is definitely worth it. The cost of repairing city infrastructure due to damage or blockages is often millions of dollars. This cost is usually passed down to the taxpayers, who foot the bill.

A sewer scope inspection can detect problems before they become an issue. This allows maintenance workers to fix the problem while it is still small and inexpensive.

What should I look for in a sewer scope video?

You can use the sewer scope video to identify any problems in the pipes. Look for signs of tree roots, cracks, or other damage that may indicate a problem. You can also look for debris or other materials in the pipes that may cause a blockage or damage in the future.

You can use the video to note any changes to the pipe from the last time you had a scope. This can help you spot problems early so you can have them fixed.

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